Why Most Marketing Leads Don't Help Sales Retire Quota

Marketing is focused on driving demand that culminates in BANT (budget/authority/need/timeframe) qualified leads. Those leads are then forwarded to inside, field and channel sales teams for conversion into sales. Unfortunately most of these leads simply won’t convert. One consequence is that marketing stakeholders demand more accountability from sales, and in certain cases require service level agreements (SLA).

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Why Most Call Centers Are Failing Their Technology Customers

Today, marketing managers have an extensive array of tools to help drive awareness and demand, such as events, webinars, social media and inbound content marketing. Nearly all leading marketing departments in the technology sector have placed a heavy emphasis on these important tools. Now prospective customers have a wealth of information at their fingertips from many sources, including your competition.
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Alignment With Marketing’s Internal Customer

Plenty of analysis is done by marketing to understand what customers want and how they want it. Marketers strive to make the products and services they promote be viewed by prospective customers as needed or desired. They do this in part by researching what customer’s need and want.

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Automated and Social Marketing Impact on Sales

Most enterprise companies have developed some level of comfort with automating marketing processes and have embraced the benefits of social media to help drive demand. Both vehicles help keep your customers informed and the market aware of your brand, making it easy for customers to engage when they desire. For SMB firms, social media and automated marketing provide economically-advantageous and viable methods to grow a customer base.

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True Cost of  Underqualified Leads

On the surface the ROI for marketing campaigns can be a straight calculation of spend against tangible revenue. Marketers and budget funders must look beyond the surface to gather the true costs of these campaigns. These costs include processing leads and engaging them by your sales organization. You must also account for the costs of labor and also the opportunity expense involved in diverting sales resources away from other revenue-generating activities.

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Successful Quarterly Performance Reviews

Let’s face it, being a senior marketing executive and reporting results to a C-suite executive board is as fun as a root canal. Almost every Vice President of Marketing enters quarterly and annual reviews with a sense of unease. This discomfort lies in the limited ability to provide the kind of metrics most C-suite executives want to see…. the bottom line of sales revenue against the marketing spend.

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Why Technology Firms Need To Change The Status Quo

According to leading market intelligence groups, 2016 will be a pivotal year of continued changes and market disruptions in the technology sector. Hi-tech firms should anticipate major mergers, acquisitions and restructurings driven in part by key technology innovations involving mobile, cloud computing, Big Data analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

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The DNA of a Valuable Sales Lead

There are two types of marketing opportunities that can be presented to sales. The first is an opportunity from an installed base customer or customer that is currently doing an equitable share of business with you. This could be a refresh, upsell, or cross-sell opportunity. The customer is well known and likely the opportunity may already be on the sales person’s pipeline or radar.

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Why Sales and Marketing Leaders Should Take a Closer Look


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